Charles Nygard







I always contribute. 
I don't need a title to define me. 
I only get involved in projects that benefit others. 
I appreciate each day I am able to make a difference. 
I always improve everything and everyone around me. 
I always provide energy and excitement to every project I endeavor.
I am thankful and grateful that I have been able to have lived the most amazing life. 
I will always remember one simple word that simply defines who and what I aspire to be:
Arete [ahr-i-tey]  noun  
the aggregate of qualities, as valor and virtue, making up good character.

I have a passion for making everything and everyone around me better. Whether re-branding or restructuring a struggling business or the development and introduction of a new product or service, I provide the energy and commitment to make the project a success. Fortunately throughout my career I have been able to witness explosive growth in my endeavors and most importantly, creating the foundation for continued success.



Community + Giving 

Learning the meaning of service to others at a very young age has undoubtedly been the key to success. It is a paradox that the more you give and improve others lives and your community, the more you receive in return.  

The formation of the 509 Project has been perhaps the most enjoyable and fruitful of all the projects I have participated in. Simply, the 509 Vine Project embodies the spirit of making continual improvement. The goals of the 509 Vine Project are simple but effective.

1- To assure a clean and safe environment for Old City residents.

2- Provide meals to the underprivileged in and around the 509 Project area.

3- Greet all visitors in the 509 Project area with a warm welcome and smile.

4- Provide immediate assistance for any individual in the 509 Project area in need of help.

5- Maintain one ongoing creative project benefiting a local non-profit or religious group. This includes planting, cleaning, maintenance and upgrades which includes banners, planters and tree planting. 

The results:

  • 50 tons of trash removed

  • 5,000 meals served

  • Installation of 20 new trees

  • Installation of 10 large banners

  • installation of 12 large planters

  • Installation of 7 park benches

Previous Community Work